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EVS vacancy in Russia. Work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families

Perm Regional Public Charitable Foundation of the Target Economic System of Social Protection “Zaschita” www.lovesbridge.org


Age limit: 18-30

EVS Project: travel costs, insurance, hosting costs, pocket money covered

Project language: Russian, English

Period: 3-12 months from 1st September 2018

Pocket money: 90 Euro per month

Accommodation: own room, e.g. in a apartment or host family, to be decided together the with hosting organisation

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer

Volunteers from: all Member States of the European Union, Turkey, Norway, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein


We are a non-profit public charity based on voluntary contributions and grants. We work with disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families. The organization has existed for 20 years. The initial aim was to eliminate the number of homeless children. In 7 years we reached this goal and kept on doing other activities: opened shelters, 2 drop-in centers, focusing on socializing those children. Now the organization is working with a special orphanage, risk group children from the suburbs, and children in prison.


Our aims are:

 Integration of unsocialized children into society, teaching them skills of independent living, preparing them to live in a family;

 Correction of children's psychoemotional state;

 Prevention of violence and bullying;

 Normalization of interpersonal communication in a family and between peers;

 Prevention of deviation and lawbreaking by encouraging them to become civil and responsible citizens and active volunteers.


Target groups: Orphans of different age groups, disadvantaged children, kids from multi-child and needy families, young lawbreakers and prisoners.


Regular activities: Once a week we meet with children from the orphanage in frames of the correction pedagogic program. We also organize excursions and educational trips with these children. During the educational year we have a course of correction activities in our drop-in center for risk group pupils who come to us after school. There they have an opportunity to eat, take part in educational and entertaining activities, and do their homework together with tutor volunteers. They can also get a consultation of a psychologist, a social worker, and a lawyer. Besides, we have a 3-month correction course for youngsters in prison, where we prepare them for independent living after jail release.


Send your CV and motivation letter to info@lovesbridge.org

Deadline: 22.12.2017

Contact person: Oksana Buzmakova

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