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Volontery_remontiruyut_kvartiru Political repression under Stalin in the Soviet Union is still apparent today in the former Soviet Union. Eyewitnesses and their children are still alive today. This year, another collaborative camp between Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and the Russian NGO Memorial will be held.

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Regina_Trutneva_3 I was fortunate to have taken part in the SCI Coordinators of international Workcamps training. Honestly I had only volunteered once before, and missing an opportunity to learn something new is not like me. So I left my job, my country, and was off to Berlin. The seminar itself was held in a wonderful place not far from Kassel, in commune Niderkaufungen from 27th March until 3rd April.

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db8608a442fb998c9e2ac4b4d29f6c76 We welcome participants from any corner of the world. All camps will include an educational and cultural program for volunteers: excursions, discussions, meetings with human rights activists and former political prisoners, films, creative tasks and entertainment activities.

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Ekspozitsiya_muzeya Mr Governor, We, Association of Victims of Political Repressions and Perm Chapter of the Memorial Society, express our concern and indignation about what has been happening around the Memorial Museum Perm-36 during the past months


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Every year Youth Memorial organizes workcamps with the main topic history and human rights. This year we are glad to announce our summer programme 2014 with 6 projects, which will be run in Perm and Perm region. 

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Every year Youth Memorial orginizes about 6-8 workcamps with the main topic history and human rights. This year we are glad to announce our summer programme 2012 with 8 projects, which will be run in Perm region, in Urals. 

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IMG_6261 The Center for the Support of Democratic Youth Initiatives (Youth Memorial) is a civic non-profit organization established in 1998 by the Perm branch of the International Historical-Enlightment Human Rights and Humanitarian Society “Memorial”. 
The aim of the “Youth Memorial” is to engage young people in social and political activities, in civil actions and protection of young people’s rights.

Contact Information:
Robert Latypow (co-chairman of “Youth Memorial”): (342) 282-54-42, larobert@yandex.ru
Alexandra Skaliukh (Coordinator of Volunteer Services): (342) 282-54-42, pmem@yandex.ru
Oksana Sosnina (International Projects): (342) 282-54-42, +7-902-475-16-48, volunteer59@gmail.com
Irina Kiziliva (Protectiona of Rights of Soldiers): (342) 282-54-42, cpdmi@pochta.ru
Web Sites: www.volonter59.ru (Youth Memorial) и www.pmem.ru (Perm Branch of International Society “Memorial”).

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Инициативная группа «Молодёжный Мемориал» проводит набор участников в свои весенние и летние волонтёрские проекты.

После официального закрытия общественной организации как юридического лица в 2016 году пермский Молодёжный Мемориал тем не менее продолжает работать, но уже как инициативная группа граждан. Наша команда продолжает все традиционные проекты организации, в том числе и проведение летних добровольческих лагерей. ПРОГРАММА сезона 2017 года состоит из четырёх лагерей.

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