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Summer Camp "Kvartira" in Perm 2017

Political repression under Stalin in the Soviet Union is still apparent today in the former Soviet Union. Eyewitnesses and their children are still alive today. This year, another collaborative camp between Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and the Russian NGO Memorial will be held.

The organization Memorial carries out different activities in the Perm region. Workers and volunteers visit former victims of persecution to interview them and preserve their memories. They assist the victims with household tasks as well. The volunteers will renovate the flats of elderly victims of political repressions. Work will include painting walls, ceilings, floors, and window frames, and pasting wallpaper. Our team will be divided into smaller groups to work in different places.

Most importantly, the camp offers the opportunity for cultural exchange with young Russians. The participants will learn about Russian perspectives, mainly about the people, and get to take a look behind the facade of the largest country in the world.  During planned excursions to Perm 36 and the ethnographic open-air museum Khokhlovka, in free time and during the programme, participants will be able to discuss their countries of origin, build understanding of one another and make new friends.

  • Dates: July 24 - August 5, 2017

  • Type: International Summer Camp
  • Work: Renovation
  • Total Volunteers: 20 (10 Russian)
  • Camp Languages: Russian, English, German
  • Accommodation: Flat
  • Extras: Knowledge of Russian may be helpful but not required for participation. A visa is necessary for Russia. Passports need to be valid until February 2018.
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pinazos@hotmail,com (вст) 11 марта 2019 - 05:53

I am still interested in participating in this projoect. Is it still being carried?

Thank you

mySxnOZTDTs С ноября мы начинаем проводить личные консультации для тех, кто интересуется международными волонтёрскими проектами. Консультации бесплатны и будут проходить два раза в неделю, по предварительной договоренности.

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